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business intelligence & data analysis

Business Intelligence (BI) is a system of processes and technologies that allow transformation of the companies data heritage in information, through modeling, processing and analysis that bring data to a state of information and knowledge guiding the company decision-making processes. BI therefore serves to answer a whole series of questions for which you would take hours or days of work to find answers. With BI, data analysis is "intelligent" and it is done in a few seconds with a few clicks, on an infinite range of needs: from simple statistical analysis to error checking, from multiple forecast analyzes complex up to applications integrated with artificial intelligence. The analysis and implementation phases are performed by scientific methods featured by the discipline, applying formal concepts that come from statistics and probabilities assessment (for example in the predictive analysis or decision support algorithms). To date, the office has more than 300 business intelligence projects behind it.

Data analysis in Business Intelligence on desktops for small businesses can be developed on SQL Server and MS Access platforms with Pivot Table in Excel (Power Pivot, Power View, Power BI) and data - also from different databases - are processed using matrix methods. For more important projects we can use desktop, mobile and web BI tools for automatic data analysis and complex analysis, with high graphic and technological impact through the most advanced BI software in the world (including Excel BI, Power Pivot, Power BI, QlikView, Qlik Sense, Roambi, Google Data Studio, Tableau). Business Intelligence is also developed, in some cases, with customized tools for online data analysis and e-commerce.

software engineering - algorithms

Analysis and algorithms design, aimed at software engineering, digitisation and digitalisation of business flows, data analysis and operational research (decision-making support algorithms). Databases design and functional analysis of existing databases aimed at software design. Customized software design and programming in development teams for complex software.

web projects & e-commerce

Website analysis and design interfacing with new or existing databases. Websites in PHP, HTML5, JS, jQuery, ASP. Modeling and customization of web projects in WordPress, Joomla and other CMS platforms. Analysis and design of customized web applications. Analysis and design of e-commerce portals and creation or editing of customized modules. Design and use of customized software tools for online training (e-learning).

web marketing & social data

Consultations on the approach to online sales, purchasing and management of IT tools for web-marketing and e-commerce, web-marketing campaigns, online advertising, algorithms analysis for search engines and techniques for indexing and positioning. Social media marketing technical consulting and data analysis' sites for social networks (Google Analytics, Google Data, Google Adwords, Facebook for Business). It's also available an assigned consultant in the team, specialized in search engine optimization (SEO) and data analysis, certified by Google LLC.

computer science training

Advanced corporate training and specialist computer science courses. Advanced computer science courses for individuals, schools and professional training agencies. Use of customized software tools for e-learning. The office is also certified on the features and integrations knowledge for Microsoft Office products at an advanced level. The applied training method has been chosen by countless companies and more than seven training agencies in Piedmont, certifying with the final customers survey, a feedback satisfaction among the highest of the territory (> 91% assessment of teacher - grade point average at 30/11/2018).

computer forensics

Computer Forensics Consultant, specialized in privacy data, software code, algorithms and reverse engineering. The computer forensics with its documents (laboratory analysis + technical report) may be useful in a crime fact made with ICT tools, both software and hardware, in civil or criminal cases. The office employs experienced computer forensics technicians, operating on national territory. Data recovery jobs are also carried out on hard disk drives and smartphones.


Graduated in Computer Science at the Industrial and Technical Institute "G. Vallauri" in Fossano (CN), attained a Diploma of Higher Technical Specialization in Marketing for e-Business Services at the CEQ in Turin and the Economics Department of the University of Eastern Piedmont "A. Avogadro". The studies continued in the Computer Science Degree courses at the Science and Technological Innovation Department of the University of Eastern Piedmont, with honors in the Software Engineering's course and Databases' course.
Credited at AICA (Italian Association for Informatics and Automatic Calculation) in Milan for training on computer certifications. Member of Esperti.com, the IT professionals national network (ANIP - National Register of Professional Informatics) and member of the Expert Technical Consultants national website.

Since 2001 I deal with advanced training in applied computer disciplines, teaching both in the educational realities that in corporate training courses: Ferrero, Miroglio Group, RAI Italian Radio Television, are some of big companies for which I have done dedicated courses.
Developer and IT analyst, I continued in the software solutions research and development, also related to tourism and web-marketing: e-commerce and web application design.
Since 2011 I am a computer scientist volunteer for distributed computing projects for biomedical research and corporate scientific projects supporter.
In 2013 I implemented the Business Intelligence engine dedicated to the creation and automation of data analysis views for "Roambi® Business" (MeLLmo™, San Diego (CA) - USA) in collaboration with the first italian partner.
In recent years I worked in small development teams for software and web engineering projects located in the following countries: Spain, Portugal, France, United States, Romania, Germany.

Currently I'm in Business Intelligence and Software Engineering, also in web projects.
In collaboration with Sistemi Tre s.r.l. (Sistemi S.p.A. partner) I develop Business Intelligence solutions and data analysis on ERP products.
I founded the computer science consulting studio DanieleMarsero.com and I work with other computer experts for the best companies in Piedmont, Italy.


For more information write to:

info (at) danielemarsero.com

Customers and Enterprises for the following countries: France, Spain, UK, Romania, Portugal, USA --> please write to foreign (at) danielemarsero.com

Why's there no phone number?

The work of the people who collaborate in the office is composed for most of the time by days of software programming, implementation at customers seat or classroom lessons or in the lab: is often not possible to answer the phone. For any request please use the email: you will be contacted to arrange a date based on the booking calendar. Thank you.